Research And Statistics On Crimes On Buses In The UK

Crimes on buses are a growing concern in the UK. In Birmingham, for example, residents have reported how fearful they are of using certain routes of the popular public transport method.

It prompted us to conduct some research into bus crimes, the type of offences, and when the peak times for crimes are.

About Our Research Into Bus Crimes

The crime rate of bus-related offences in the London area increased by 6% in 2023, with reported theft and violence levels higher than expected. Passengers were growing concerned about safety on public transport, and the rise in crime on the London underground is particularly worrisome. As a result, Personal Injury Claims UK aimed to investigate the severity of crimes on buses in different areas of the country.

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How We Conducted Our Research

In 2019, BirminghamLive reported that commuters were afraid to ride city buses as on-board crimes rose.

The publication found that a staggering 89% didn’t feel safe on the National Express vehicles.
According to the latest report from the WM Combined Authority at the time, the number of recorded bus crimes had increased by 7%

The total number of “violent crimes” in the West Midlands area is currently 238,000, with the annual crime rate in the West Midlands region at 42.8 crimes per 1000 people.

The area has the third-highest violent crime rate out of nine regions in England and Wales, only surpassed by the North East and Yorkshire, which have the highest crime rates in England and Wales. Therefore, Personal Injury UK identified the West Midlands as an area that should be investigated regarding crimes on buses.

This research aimed to highlight antisocial and criminal behaviour within communities. Personal Injury Claims UK began the campaign by producing several Freedom of Information Requests to the 10 largest Police forces in England and Wales.

Part of the request included detailed questions on the number of crimes committed on buses since June 2023. Demographics were carefully considered, including how many males and females were either the perpetrators or alleged victims of bus-related crimes. Furthermore, Personal Injury Claims UK requested the age ranges of alleged offenders and their percentage share of the total offences. Finally, the investigation wanted to understand the type of crime committed and the number of times that type of crime was recorded during the period. This helped to ensure a comprehensive and accurate picture of the situation.

The Results: Statistics On Bus Crimes In The UK

West Midlands

  • There were a total of 4222 crimes on buses reported to West Midlands Police. 
  • Individuals aged between 15 and 19 were the most common offenders, accounting for 29.42% of crimes on buses.
  • The next age group to be most active when it comes to crime is 10 to 14-year-olds who were responsible for 16.4% of crimes-13% less than 15-19-year-olds
  • Data shows that the biggest offenders-15-19-year-old teenagers are most likely to commit crimes against their age group-22.9% of the victims of crimes on buses were 15-19-year-olds
  • Crimes on buses surged during afternoon commutes, with a peak of 522 incidents recorded at 3 pm, during school dismissal hours.
  • At 2 pm, 290 cases were recorded in the hour before West Midlands schools dismissed their pupils.
  • Then, crimes on buses increased by 80% between 3 and 4 p.m.

Get Legal Support If Impacted By A Bus Crime

If you’ve suffered an injury in a crime on a bus, it may be possible to claim compensation for your injuries.

For the likes of assaults and harassment as well as other criminal injury claims, it’s possible to pursue a case via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Here at Personal Injury Claims UK, we work with a team of specialists who can help with these types of claims, To connect with them today, please get in touch.