Our Research Into The Most Dangerous Industries To Work In

Industries ranked by workplace industries data table

Top 10 industries for workplace injury reports

Our findings reveal that workers in the health and social care sector suffer more injuries at work than any other in industry in the UK. 

More than 10,000 non-fatal injuries were reported by employees just last year. 

The most common workplace accidents logged in the UK included trips, falls and acts of violence.

In 2022/23 alone, 10,834 workplace injuries were reported in health and social care, ranking ahead of those reported in the manufacturing industry which includes jobs like factory work, machine operators and butchery. 10,382 non-fatal accidents were recorded in this field last year.

Human health activities are a subcategory of human health and social work that includes hospitals, accounted for more injuries (6,932) than all but three broad industry groups.

A total of 2,817 non-fatal injuries were caused by acts of violence, the reports claim.

Transportation and storage, which includes warehousing and courier services, was the source of 8,059 reports.

6,873 incidents were reported by employers across wholesale, retail and motor vehicle repair.

And 4,845 non-fatal incidents from the education sector were raised with workplace health and safety authorities.

After dropping in 2019/20 and 2020/21, post-pandemic incidents in education have continued to rise.

However, it could be claimed that water provision is statistically the most dangerous industry group. A UK-high figure of 804 injuries were reported per 100,000 employees in the water supply, sewerage and waste management sector.

The human health and social work sector have accounted for 58,390 of the 309,204 workplace non-fatal incidents reported since 2018.

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