Research And Statistics

Here at, we spend time researching different areas of the law that affect our clients.

This could be the levels of compensation payouts paid out by local councils for defective pavements or the rates of knife crime in different areas around the country.

On this page, you can find links to all of the different pieces of research we’ve conducted, as well as the statistics surrounding them.

First, let’s explain more about us and why we conduct this research.

About Our Research

With us working so heavily in the legal field, it’s not uncommon for us to recognise issues with our system.

We also speak with many different people each day and have come to learn of issues affecting their lives.

Our aim is to investigate to see if problems do in fact exist. If they do, we analyse the findings, publish the results on our site, and raise awareness with the hope of improving matters.

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Our Current Research Projects

Below, you can find out more about our ongoing research projects.

Knife Crime In The UK

Knife crime is a serious issue in our country. It seems like each week a serious stabbing is reported in the media. Here in Liverpool where we’re based, the city was shocked by the murder of 12-year-old Ava White. Ava was tragically stabbed by a young boy after a row on Snapchat. It’s an issue close to many people’s hearts which is why we launched a research campaign to highlight the issues, rates and statistics.

You can read our full piece of research on knife crime here.

We’ve also launched a campaign on a specific area of knife crime, which is the use of zombie knives in offences. You can head here to find out more.

Speeding Offences

Many deaths and injuries could be avoided on the road if people adhered to the rules and didn’t speed.

Having worked in the field of car accident claims for many years, we were motivated to research the current state of speeding offences in the UK.

Here, you can see the results of our research on the speeding offences committed, a breakdown of the number per area of the country, and how many points and fines were issued.

The Number Of Dogs Destroyed By Police Forces

There has been a significant increase in media reports of dog attacks. Sometimes these attacks can lead to fatal outcomes, and in many cases, the fate is the same for the attacking dog.

We decided to uncover the scale of the problem and wrote to all police forces in the UK to see how many dogs they’d destroyed since 2020, the breeds of those dogs, and the reasons.

You can see our results here.

Gun Crimes In The UK

We’ve also conducted research into the number of gun crimes in the UK. A gun crime is any offence that involves a firearm, whether real or imitation. Guns require a license from the police and the system is restrictive.

However, guns still find themselves on our streets and can result in tragic cases, such as young Olivia Platt-Korbel who lost her life in our local city of Liverpool recently.

You can find our results on gun crimes in the UK here.

Domestic Abuse And Violence

Domestic abuse is still a prevalent issue in society. Our research has found that some police forces are recording upwards of 5,000 incidents per month. You can discover the figures in your area here, as well as finding advice on what to do if you need help or if you want to claim compensation for any harm you’ve suffered.

Cold Calls

A few years ago the government introduced changes to the law to crack down on nuisance cold calls relating to accident claims. We undertook some research to find out if they had their intended effect. Here you can find our surprising results.

Pedestrian Accidents

In 2022, the government changed the Highway Code to place pedestrians and cyclists higher up the hierarchy. This means that motorists and other road users need to give priority to pedestrians.

We undertook some research to see whether or not the rates of pedestrian accidents had increased or decreased since the changes, and the findings are surprising. Head here to learn more.

Domestic Burglaries

One of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through is a burglary or home invasion.

Having helped many claimants in these types of cases, we know and understand this all too well.

It’s what prompted us to conduct some research into the number of home burglaries and what steps are being taken to crack down on them and help victims.

You can read our research on residential burglaries here.