When Are You Eligible To Claim For An Arm Injury In A Construction Accident At Work?

In this article, you’ll learn when you could claim for an arm injury in construction after an accident at work caused by your employer breaching their duty of care.

We begin by discussing the duty of care your employer owes with regard to protecting your health and safety at work, before explaining the eligibility criteria that apply to personal injury claims.

Next, we explain how an accident in construction could result in an arm injury and how compensation awarded following a successful construction accident claim aims to address the different impacts of your injury.

Additionally, we provide some examples of the types of evidence that could strengthen your case and how the experienced personal injury solicitors from our panel can help with valid construction site accident claims. When they do, they offer a No Win No Fee service which typically means no upfront or ongoing costs are needed for them to work on your case.

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Learn How To Claim For An Arm Injury In A Construction Accident At Work

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When Are You Eligible To Claim For An Arm Injury In Construction After An Accident At Work?

Employers owe their employees a duty of care to protect their health and safety at work and while they carry out their work-related tasks.

This duty requires them to take reasonable and practicable steps to prevent them from becoming injured at work. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the central piece of workplace health and safety legislation, sets out this duty.

Additionally, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 aims to improve safety and health in the construction industry. It helps those working in the industry to, for example, plan work sensibly so that risks are managed from start to finish, and have accurate information about any risks and how they are being managed and communicating this effectively to workers. This is according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the national regulator for workplace health and safety in Britain.

You might be entitled to begin a personal injury claim if:

  • Your employer owed you a duty of care at the time and location your accident occurred.
  • Your employer failed to uphold that duty.
  • As a direct consequence of the breach, you were injured in an accident at work.

If you believe that you are entitled to claim for an arm injury in construction, why not call our team? They can answer any questions you might have about construction injury claims and explain your options for free.

How Could An Arm Injury Be Caused By A Workplace Construction Accident?

As stated above, in order to make an arm injury compensation claim, you must prove that your injury resulted from a breach of duty by your employer. This is the definition of negligence in tort law and must be proven for personal injury claims to be valid.

The list below provides some examples of construction site accidents that could be caused by employer negligence:

  • Following a fall from a height, a worker suffered a broken arm as well as a serious head injury because their employer had failed to provide adequate safety training on working from a height.
  • There was a failure to fix a leaking pipe inside a building in a timely manner after multiple reports were made. As a result, a worker suffered an upper arm and elbow injury after slipping and falling on excess water. They also suffered soft tissue injuries to their back and neck due to the fall.
  • A construction worker was trapped against a wall by a dumper truck. As a result, they sustained a serious shoulder injury with damage to the brachial plexus resulting in permanent and substantial disablement.
  • A worker suffered a traumatic arm amputation after their employer instructed them to use faulty equipment. This severe injury had a life-changing effect and caused the person to suffer psychologically.
  • No personal protective equipment, such as gloves, was provided to an employee working with hazardous substances. As a result, they suffered severe burn injuries.

To discuss your specific case and find out whether you have eligible grounds to claim compensation for an arm injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, call our team on the number above.

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Calculating Arm Injury Compensation Claims

You may be wondering how much compensation could be awarded in successful arm injury claims. Settlements can vary depending on the unique circumstances of your case.

However, generally, you could be awarded a payout that includes up to two heads of loss.

The first head compensates for any pain and suffering endured as a result of the injury and is called general damages.

Several resources can be referred to when valuing general damages. Firstly, an independent medical assessment may be required to help understand the severity of your injuries and how they’re likely to affect you in the future. If your claim is managed by a solicitor from our panel, they can arrange this for you.

The report from the independent assessment may be used in conjunction with the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help those valuing your injuries.

The JCG contains guideline compensation brackets for a range of injuries, including those affecting the arm.

Compensation Table

The compensation table that follows uses JCG figures. However, these are only guideline amounts as compensation payouts vary from one claim to the next. The first entry of the table is illustrative and has not been taken from the JCG.

Type of InjurySeverity Compensation GuidelinesOther Information
Multiple Severe Injuries With Special DamagesSevere Up to £1,000,000 + An award comprising compensation for the pain and suffering of multiple serious injuries, psychological and/or physical. There is also compensation awarded for the monetary losses incurred as a result of the injuries, such as care cost, lost earnings, and the cost of home adaptations.
Amputation Of ArmsLoss of Both Arms£240,790 to £300,000Where the injured party with full awareness to a state of considerable helplessness.
One Arm Amputated (i)No less than £137,160Where a single arm is amputated above the elbow.
One Arm Amputated (ii)£109,650 to £130,930Amputation of a single arm above the elbow.
One Arm Amputated (iii)£96,160 to £109,650One arm is lost below the elbow.
Other Arm InjuriesSevere£96,160 to £130,930Extremely serious arm injuries where amputation isn't required but the injured party is left little better off than if they had lost an arm.
Permanent and Substantial Disability£39,170 to £59,860 Significant and permanent cosmetic or functional disability as a result of serious fractures of one or both arms.
Less Severe£19,200 to £39,170Significant disabilities but a substantial degree of recovery has been made or will be expected.
Shoulder InjuriesSevere£19,200 to £48,030These types of shoulder injuries are often linked to neck injuries and brachial plexus damage that results in significant disability.
Elbow InjuriesSevere £39,170 to £54,830The person will experience a severely disabling elbow injury.

Financial Losses In Construction Accident Claims

The other head of loss, special damages, may also form part of your settlement following a successful arm injury compensation claim.

Special damages compensates costs or expenses linked to your injuries such as:

  • Earnings lost at the time or in the future.
  • Medical expenses.
  • The cost of adapting your vehicle (or home) to make it easier to cope with your arm injury.
  • Care costs.

As you’ll need to prove and costs you claim for an arm injury, you should keep hold of any receipts, wage slips or bank statements.

To find out how much compensation could be awarded if you successfully claim for an arm injury in construction, please call today.

Evidence That Could Help Support An Arm Injury Compensation Claim

You might be wondering what to do after an accident at work that you intend to claim compensation for. There are several steps you can take including gathering evidence to strengthen your case.

For example, if you make a claim for an arm injury in construction, you could collect the following:

  • Photographs of any visible arm injuries. Also, pictures taken at the accident scene.
  • Medical records and information about any treatment you’ve received.
  • CCTV footage of the accident taking place.
  • A copy of an accident report form confirming the date, time and location of your accident.
  • Contact details for anybody who might be a potential witness to the accident. They could provide a witness statement at a later date.

If you have a valid claim that’s taken on by one of the personal injury solicitors from our panel, as part of the service they offer, they could help you collect sufficient evidence to strengthen your case.

For more information on working with an expert solicitor from our panel who has experience handling arm injury claims following a workplace accident, please contact an advisor on the number above.

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Use A No Win No Fee Solicitor To Claim For An Arm Injury In A Construction Accident At Work

If you wish to start a personal injury claim against your employer for an arm injury suffered in a construction accident, you could find it beneficial to instruct a specialist construction accident solicitor from our panel.

They work under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This allows them to provide a No Win No Fee service. Under the terms of a CFA, you can usually expect the following:

  • No payment required for your solicitor’s services upfront, while the claim continues or if the claim is lost.
  • A success fee is taken from your compensation if the claim is won. The  success fee is taken as a percentage that is capped legally to ensure you receive the bulk of your settlement.

To see if one of the No Win No Fee solicitors from our panel might agree to work on your claim for an arm injury in construction, you can get in touch with our advisors. After assessing your case for free, they could connect you with a solicitor who has experience helping eligible claimants seek compensation.

Alternatively, they can provide further guidance on arm injury compensation claims if you still require more information. To reach out, you can:

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  • Enquire about your potential claim online via our helpful form.
  • Use our live chat service to ask any questions.

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